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I love Art Resin

So happy to bring you my latest video! First, I have to give credit to my youngest daughter as she helped a lot in the production of this video. Her help and expertise were invaluable to the completion of this project. I will definitely be contracting out editing, directing, script writing and such to her going forward. She was a huge help! And bonus for me, another daughter! 😉 My oldest is a wonderful writer and she provided her editing skills to this post. 

I was sent a sample of Art Resin just before Christmas by the lovely people at Art Resin. I’ve been using this product on my Whimsical ladies since the day this series was born. It has so many benefits and awesome qualities. So long before receiving this sample, I was an Art Resin customer. 

This is not a step-by-step process there are plenty of videos and articles on that. In fact, Art Resin has a fantastic youtube channel filled with all kinds of tips and techniques.

Why I love it so!

Low VOC’s, I can not stand fumes, therefore, this was my first consideration and the first thing I noticed about this product.

Protective shiny goodness!

Easy to use. There is prep to create a dust free area and to set up the resin area but nothing extensive. Some plastic drop cloths, prop the piece up off the surface (if resining sides), mixing equipment and you are good to go. You will also need to cover your piece and have it in a spot where it will not be disturbed. I like to say, my ladies are in the resin spa! Hmmm… the spa ….

And if you have a sharp eye, you may have noticed this Custom Whimsical lady features a piercing as her recipient has a piercing. This was a fun surprise addition to the piece and I was able to add it easily and know that it would be protected and would not be going anywhere. I completed 2 layers of resin for this piece and that was enough to cover the brad so nothing is protruding from the piece. 

The very best is … it makes my Whimsical Ladies come to life! All of my hand illustration work on these pieces POPS! And the difference between the bare painted piece and the resin piece is quite something. The two pieces I have featured have some lovely tree reflections.

My Whimsical Lady series are created using Acrylic paint, Varnish (back) and Art Resin. 

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Barbi 🙂